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Artistic Team Member


Let your hair do the talking.
oshua McMichen, CEO of Shearious Salon, began his hair journey in 2009. After graduating from Paul Mitchell the School in 2009, he quickly earned his chair in a luxury salon in Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the past nine years Joshua has trained with industry leaders such as the Vidal Sassoon Academy of Santa Monica, Federico Advanced, Arrojo, Mazella and Palmer, and Zgat.
Joshua joined the Ergo Styling Tools team in 2016 and has developed a strong passion for precision razor cutting. His primary focus is introducing hairdressers to ERGO’s revolutionary Hot Razor. 

Joshua is a former United States Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine and Blackwater Security Officer in Bagdhad, Iraq. Being in the Special Forces required an immense amount of discipline and determination that ultimately helped Joshua advance quickly in the hair industry. With pure spirit and charisma, Joshua embodies the essence of a leader, the charm and wit of an entertainer, and the skill of a master in his craft.