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ERGO Irons 

Our guarantee
ERGO Research thanks you for your purchase. We guarantee that your ERGO Iron has been handmade for ERGO Research and is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Each ERGO Iron is unconditionally guaranteed for 1 year after purchase; even if dropped.

ERGO Electrical styling tools are designed to be used with 110 voltage only. The warranty for all electrical tools from ERGO is null and void if the tools are used outside the United States and Canada.

Warranty Exclusions
Our guarantee is in lieu of all other warranties, including the implied warranty of fitness, and shall not extend to irons with burnt cords or showing non-accidental abuse, or that have serviced by another company. ERGO shall not be liable for consequential damages or damages by reason of use of this iron for other than its intended purpose. ERGO damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the iron.

Warranty Service
Irons must include proof of date of purchase to receive warranty service. To obtain warranty service please send proof of date of purchase (copy of sales receipt) along with $20 (individuals from Hawaii and Alaska, please send $30) U.S. check or money order made payable to ERGO Research and your iron to:

ERGO Iron warranty service
27158 Westview Lane
Valencia CA 91354


We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.
Please Include this information along with your business/cell numbers in the
event we need to contact you with any questions.